Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Quotes by Charlotte Gainsbourg:

"I couldn't do anything else, I enjoy it so much. But I find it tough."

"I don't feel I have to share everything."

"I hated seeing myself on screen. I was full of complexes. I hated my face for a very, very long time."

"I used to hate being recognised."

"I'm a very shy person towards my intimacy and private life."

"If I take a step back, I see that it's a weird job to be doing. But I've been into it since I was 12 and I love it."

" In France you're with the crew and you have lunch with them. It's more like a family."

"Journalists wanted to get information about how I was raised, what my father was like, our private life. I hated it."

"The English was really my mother, it was never me. Being the daughter of my father, I always felt very French."

"There were always questions about my parents; I got so fed up with that."

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